Placement Centers / Foster care for refugees


Center District:
– Phtisiopulmonological hospital;
– MP “Central Market”, administrative block No. 2;
– State University of Moldova;
– Childhood center;
– Center “Renastere”;

Riscani district:
– Boarding house of the Academy of Economics of Moldova;
– Boarding house of the State Agrarian University of Moldova;
– Boarding house of the Technical University of Moldova;
– Boarding house of the Technological College;
– Boarding house of the Financial and Banking College;
– joint center for children and youth “Andriesh”;
– SA Edititate gym;
– University of Physical Education and Sports;
– Patria Lukoil.

Botany District:
– sport Complex;
– gym of the Center of Excellence in Informatics and Informational Technologies;
– Hotel Zimbru;
– Hotel Popas;
– Boarding house of the Technical University of Moldova No. 3, 4, 5;
– Municipal Clinical Hospital “George Paladi”;
– Department Protection of Children’s Rights of the Botanica District, the public center “Cosmos”;
– Center “Viitorul”;
– Department of the protection of children’s rights of the Center District, public center “Flakara”.

Buiucani District:
– Ion Creanga University;
– Boarding house the Main Department of Education, Youth and Sports;
– vocational school No. 2;
– Hotel North-West.
Chiokana District:
– Boarding house No. 16 of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacology N. Testemitanu.