Statistical Data on Beneficiaries (Refugees from Ukraine) of Municipal Services, January 16, 2023

The field of social assistance

  • 15 940 refugees were accommodated/registered in municipal placement centres
  • 60 979 packages with humanitarian aid were distributed to refugees at the Patria Lukoil warehouse
  • 32 984 food packages were distributed to6 569 families with 10 261  children
  • 712 Ukrainian citizens were employed in Chisinau Municipality

Healthcare field

  • 12 985 referrals for medical assistance were registered in municipal medical and sanitary institutions
  • 10 775 requests for primary healthcare were registered
  • 2 210 requests for inpatient medical assistance were registered
  • 7 274 children
  • 55 births in municipal hospitals
  • 557 pregnant women
  • 2753 counselling sessions were provided for psychological support of children and adults

The field of education

  • 545 refugee children are educated in schools in Chisinau Municipality
  • 298 refugee children are educated in kindergartens in Chisinau Municipality
  • 1496 refugees registered at municipal library and 731 got a free access card
  • 204 refugee children are enrolled in the Creative Centers in Chisinau
  • 28 children regularly attend Community Centers for children and youth
  • 11 refugee children are enrolled in municipal extracurricular artistic education institutions

 Protection of children’s rights

  • 4 children with special needs assisted by the “Mobile Team”  service
  • 651 children enrolled in Community Centers for children and  youth
  • 203 children guided and assisted within the primary family         support service
  • 326 children at risk identified and assisted
  • 270 children accommodated in the placement services of the General Directorate for the protection of children’s rights

 Summer vacation

  • Green Gate Ecological Camp, Urban Centre for Young Naturalists – 227 children with refugee status had a vacation
  • Camps within Extracurricular Centres – 325 children with refugee status had a vacation
  • Thematic camps within Community Centers for Children and Youth – 124 children with a refugee status had a vacation
  • Thematic camps within „Provocarea verii” (English: “Summer Challenge”) Municipal Library – 95 children with a refugee status had a vacation
  • Total permanent camps – children with a refugee status had a vacation
  • TOTAL: 780 children with a refugee status had a vacation in municipal summer camps.

Youth field

  • 2103 young people were informed by the Mobile Team of Chisinau Municipal Youth Centre
  • 2224 young Ukrainians benefit from programmes of Chisinau Municipal Youth Centre