Chișinău City Hall together with the General Department of Medical and Social Assistance of the Chișinău City Council, has been providing unconditional and free assistance to refugees since 24 February 2022. 

Refugees receive the full range of healthcare free of charge and without delay. 

The most common causes of visits among refugees are: acute respiratory infections;

acute viral respiratory infections; preventive check-ups; school/kindergarten certificate issuance;

COVID-19 infection; trauma, injuries; dental care; diabetes;

obstetrics/gynecology; COVID-19 vaccination etc.

The Territorial Medical Associations distributed diapers, baby food for children up to 1 year old, and medicines, including for chronic diseases.


Botanica Territorial Medical Association

5/2 Dacia Bld., Chişinău

Contact telephone number:

(022) 528 117

(022) 532 407


Buiucani Territorial Medical Association

2 I. L. Caragiale Str., Chişinău

Contact telephone number:

(022) 593 624

(022) 741 916

centru 1

Center Territorial Medical Association

31 August 1989 Str. No 62, Chișinău 62

Contact telephone number:

(022) 272 427


Ciocana Territorial Medical Association

80 Vadul lui Voda Str., Chişinău

Contact telephone number:

(022) 475 255


Rîşcani Territorial Medical Association

11 Alecu Russo Str., Chişinău

Contact telephone number:

(022) 497 742

(022) 437 742