Product collection boxes in all stores in Chisinau!

Chisinau City Hall together with the supermarket chains will install boxes so that every citizen who wants can donate. The products will be distributed to the Refugee Centers.


Mun. Chișinău:

  • Str. Decebal 99/2
  • Str. Mircea cel Bătrân 25/1
  • Str. Nicolae Testemițanu 3

Mun. Bălți:

  • Str. Decebal 130


  1. bd. Dacia 61, Or. Chișinău,
  2. str. Chișinăului 5, com. Stăuceni, or. Chișinău


str. Dumeniuc, 12

Chisinau, str. Matei Basarab 5/1

Chisinau,bd. Moscovei 1/3


str. Alecu Russo

str D. Rișcanu