The list of organized air flights /bus trips for Ukraine refugees

On 26.03.2022, at MoldExpo, will be organized a bus trip (42 seats) to Norway. A three-year social package is also offered. For more information contact 078971063 – Nicoleta


On 31.03.2022, a (free) flight to Spain will be organized for Ukrainian refugees with their family members. In order to register for the trips, people must go to MoldExpo to get registered at the Registry (Spain).
For refugees staying away from Chisinau, transportation is arranged to Moldexpo.
People with an identity document (Passport, ID Card, Birth Certificates) are accepted on the flight. For more information contact: 068802902, 069530662


Refugees from Ukraine and their families are offered free transport to Lithuania. Citizens are offered a 1-year residence and the right to work. For more information contact: 0791600061 – Nicolai