The “Patria – LukOil” placement center offers refugees several assistance and help services

The municipal refugee placement, donation and distribution center, Lukoil, located in the Riscani district of the capital, continues to provide services and assistance to people from Ukraine:
– registration and temporary accommodation of refugees
– primary health care
– reception and distribution of food and hygiene products
– social counseling service
– psychological counseling service
– legal advice service
– pedagogical assistance counseling service
Information and support services relating to:
– employment,
– education,
– medicine,
– asylum,
– occupational activities for children,
– pet care,
– legal issues,
– transport etc.
All refugees from Ukraine are eligible for assistance from the Patria – LukOil Placement Center:
Riscani district, 7/5 Student Street.
For questions and additional support, you can call 079 114 040 – call center or visit the website