Access to education for refugee children from Ukraine

The temporary placement of pre-school and school-age children with refugee status from Ukraine continues in the educational institutions of the municipality.

Preschool institutions
The total number of registered children, according to age groups, refugees from Ukraine – 87 children.

Primary and secondary education institutions, cycle I and II
In 42 institutions in Chisinau, 448 refugee children are temporarily employed as audiences in the educational process.

Extracurricular institutions
39 teachers from the Extracurricular Education Institutions carried out educational activities in the temporary placement center for refugees „MoldExpo. 263 refugee children participated in these activities.

At the same time, some refugee children placed in families went to the extracurricular institutions where they participated in the circle meetings, for example: in CCC “Ghiocel” – 10 children, in the Center for Children and Youth “Udo Jurgens” – 34 children , in the Technical Creation Center in the Buiucani district 10 children.

Starting with March 14, the Green Gate Spring Day camp began its activity, inside the City Center of young naturalists for children from refugee families. Activity schedule 9: 00-13: 00. Although it was intended for 50 children aged 5 to 12, on 17.03.22 there were 78 children enrolled. Of these, 19 children do not participate in the day’s camp program, but take online lessons, according to the study program with pedagogues in Ukraine, and for this a computer cabinet was organized and made available to children.