Communities and families hosting refugees in Chisinau can receive financial assistance

Chisinau City Hall in partnership with the World Food Program (WFP), Changing LIVES saving LIVES and World Vision International have finalized the mechanism for providing WFP financial assistance to communities and families in Chisinau. Chisinau hosting refugees from Ukraine.
Host families from Chisinau will receive a one-time financial assistance of 3,500 lei (190 US dollars).
Are eligible families from Chișinău which currently host at least two Ukrainian refugees for a period of at least one week. The financial assistance is meant to help the families from Chișinău to face the additional costs for food and other essential needs.
The host families will be able to register online on the platform, and later they will follow the steps and the information indicated for the completion of the procedure receiving money at the Western Union offices.
At the same time, the Chisinau City Hall has set up 5 offices in each sector for the online registration of those host families (persons) who will not be able to register virtually.

These Offices are located as follow:
Botanica District:
Pretura Botanica
( Teilor 10 street)

Buiucani District:
Pretura Buiucani
( Mihai Viteazul 2 street)

Center District:
Pretura Center
(pp. Bulgara 43)

Ciocana District:
Pretura Ciocana
(bd. Mircea cel Bătrân 4/3)

Riscani District:
Patria-Lukoil Temporary Placement Center
( Students 7/5 street).

The online registration on will be available from April 15, and the activity of the Offices for online registration will be available from Monday, April 18.

A hotline is set up for questions and guidance, as appropriate:
+373 60865841 (including Viber).